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Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Because of Daniel’s Law, surrendering an unharmed baby is legal at designated locations, like hospitals, police stations and fire departments.


This month we celebrate the highest feast day of the liturgical year.

World Day of the Sick

Pope St. John Paul II initiated the celebration of World Day of the Sick to show solidarity with the ill and their caregivers, and to encourage the faithful to pray for them.

Vietnamese Catholics

One cannot truly reflect on the Holy Family at Christmas without thinking of the families at our border, praying and hoping for a better life.

The Church of Two Worlds

Dr. Vera Bailey's family escaped from a civil war in Liberia, West Africa, and emigrated to America – where the “American” Catholic Church differed from the church back home.

A Dream Come True on the Feast of St. Clare

After years of searching, planning, preparing, being told no, finding God’s yes, St. Clare’s Home opened its doors to provide housing and educational care to expectant women, and their already-born children if needed.