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Gingerbread Day Reminds Local Families of True Christmas Spirit

By Michael Claiborne

Gingerbread Day Reminds Local Families of True Christmas Spirit

Our Lady of Grace Church in Indian Land resumed its annual Gingerbread Day event this year to kick off the Advent season.

After a one-year hiatus in 2020 due to COVID-19, this an annual tradition at the parish was held on the first Sunday of Advent. Our Lady of Grace is the spiritual home to a growing number of young families that populate the burgeoning Indian Land and Lancaster County. As a part of the day, local children constructed gingerbread houses, listened to a children’s homily and took part in blessing a statue of Baby Jesus.

Gingerbread Day marked the start of the Advent Season, in which Catholics and Christians of other traditions prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and anticipate his return.

The event began with a children’s homily in which Father Jeffrey Kirby, pastor since 2016, explained the meaning of Advent and Christmas. Following the homily, each child received a small Baby Jesus figurine. After the Mass, each child was given a free gingerbread house to decorate and take home.

“In a time of growing secularization and commercialization of Christmas,” Father Kirby said, “I am proud that Our Lady of Grace is helping children understand the true meaning of Christmas. It is so encouraging to see so much enthusiasm and energy from so many young families.”