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How to submit a press release

The Catholic Miscellany is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Charleston. This bi-weekly publication strives to present news and events covering a range of activities by Catholics throughout South Carolina in a professional manner.

All meetings and events cannot be covered by Miscellany staff, so designated parish contacts and other individuals are encouraged to submit news items. The Catholic Miscellany does not try to explain each event in detail – it can only give highlights and provide some resources for more information.We follow AP and CNS style.

  • Please make sure you include the parish, topic or event name in the subject line. Send in at least three weeks in advance of publication date. The sooner the better.

The newspaper is published biweekly on Thursdays so information should be sent in at least three weeks in advance of the publication date.

Editions in 2015 are: Jan. 15, 29; Feb. 12, 26; March 12, 26; April 9, 23; May 7, 21; June 4, 18; July 2, 16, 30; Aug. 13, 27; Sept. 10, 24; Oct. 8, 22; Nov. 5, 19; Dec. 3, 17.


Here is some helpful advice about getting coverage at your parish or submitting articles to the newspaper:

Story Ideas

Do you know of someone in your parish who truly lives out the life of an apostle, a group that is making a particular effort to help the community, a priest or religious who gives without expectation, someone or something that touches other people’s lives and makes a difference? Please let us know.

Is it news? Ask yourself if this is of interest to someone on the other side of the state, unusual, significant, different, and not happening to anyone else. Also, make sure that it is timely, articles referring to events over a month old are not news. We are committed to covering the entire state, so frequent submissions from one organization may not always be able to be included.

Please let us know if your parish has an event coming up that is open to or of interest to the community. Do not assume that because the bishop, diocesan staff, or pastors know about an upcoming event, that The Miscellany staff will too.

Please note that routine or everyday activities, meetings of a church, parish, school or other organizations cannot be covered. Anniversaries are only covered at 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 years, etc. Due to space constraints and a commitment to covering all aspects of the diocese equally, The Catholic Miscellany will not be able to assign coverage of these items. Please consider submitting a press release to the Parish Life section instead. Honor roll type lists cannot be accommodated.We do not accept poetry.

Press Releases

Press releases should provide current, useful, accurate and interesting information. It should contain: who, when, what, where, why and how.

Keep it simple and stick to the facts, please avoid embellishments or flowery writing. Tell the story as concisely as possible. Check your facts and spellings of names.

Remember the following style:

1. The opening paragraph must summarize the press release with the following paragraphs providing the detail.

2. The body of the press release should be written with the most important information and quotes first. This inverted pyramid technique is used so that if editors need to cut the story to fit space constraints, they can cut from the end without losing critical information.

3. The Closing Paragraph: Repeat the critical contact information, including the name of the person, his or her phone number and/or email address.

Sample Press Release

City, Date, 2015 — The first few paragraphs contain the most important information: who, what, when, where, why and how.

A press release has short sentences and about three or four lines per paragraph. The rest of the news release expounds on the information provided in the first paragraph. It includes accurate quotes from key people. It contains more details about the news you have to tell, which can be about something unique or about a prominent person, place or thing.

Finally, provide contact information include the full name of the person, a phone number and an e-mail address.

Event Notices

Events should be open to the community at large, such as a yard sale, guest speakers, workshops, and not be specific to one parish. Event notices are run at the editor's discretion and if/when space allows. Publication or frequency is not guaranteed. Items such as regular, monthly meetings or liturgies, requests for donations, bingo or raffles will not be included.

Please include the city, date, time, place, cost, contact person and phone number with area code.

Example: CITY--St. Cecelia Church, 123 Boulevard St., will hold a yard sale on Nov. 1 at 10:30 a.m. Contact: First and last name, phone number with area code, email.


Photographs should be unedited and attached as a normal sized jpg. Not scaled for email. Please do not embed them into a word document or email, just attach them.

Include people in action situations -- candid if possible. At least ¾ of a person’s face should be shown. Try not to take a check presentation photo.

Groups should be close up and limited to three to five people; rarely if ever, more than five. Including a full group of people in any event detracts from the picture by making the subjects too small to be recognized. Choose a representative sampling of individuals in actions concerning the events.

Photos must be timely, bright, focused and unedited (not cropped, altered or color enhanced, etc.). Be sure to fully and correctly identify each person shown. Digital photos are preferred and should be of medium or high resolution and of regular dimensions, a 1 x 2 inch photo is unusable.

Click here to look at some photo Dos & Don'ts

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor about articles published in The Catholic Miscellany are welcome. They are published at the editor’s discretion and only if space allows. Items should cover one subject, be charitable if in disagreement, and are subject to editing in order to conform to space, accuracy and style requirements. Please limit to 250 words and provide name and contact information (phone and email). Op-Eds are run at the discretion of the editor and require prior notice. Email letters and queries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Letters represent the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Catholic Miscellany, the Diocese of Charleston or the bishop.