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Holy floaters

Occasionally people point out something is floating in the chalice at Mass. No one wants to consume even a holy liquid that has some solid floating inside. The Church sees the Mass as the living memorial of the Lord’s Pas­sion, resurrection and ascension. His Passion began with the Last Supper and each account of that […]

Hoarding cold pizza and trusting in God

Let me tell you something about middle schoolers that I’ve learned over the years. They hoard food. In every parish I’ve worked in or visited — no matter how well I know the kitchens are stocked in their homes — middle schoolers will stuff their pockets with cookies, chips and cans of coke before, during […]

Embrace the mercy of God and rejoice in His gift to all mankind

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4 Working for a church, I spend a lot of time around Christians. My week days are in a church office. Sundays are spent working in a variety of faith formation ministries and as participating in Mass. Often, especially late on a Sunday, […]

Voting your conscience across party lines and write-ins

The farther we get into this presi­dential race, the better I under­stand my father and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. My father was a World War II veteran and one of those sons of an immigrant who took his citizenship very seriously. He voted in every election: primary, local, state, and national. He considered it a […]

The liturgical procession

The 50 days of Easter are a solemn journey with Christ to glory. This is showcased as each Mass begins with the liturgical procession. In Christianity, processions make imminent sense because the One worshipped is the God who literally walked in the footsteps of His people. Yet religious processions were nothing new. The solemn transportations […]

Sharing the cross by caring for the caregiver

Respite is one of those lovely words which sometimes evokes images of leisurely vacations or well-funded sabbaticals. These days it has also come to mean something in the two-way dynamic between those who are cared for and their caregivers. Some skilled nursing and personal care facilities offer respite care. This means they will house, feed, […]

The liturgical kiss

The observance of Jesus’ resur­rection is the first of all Chris­tian feasts. Older than Christ­mas, the weekly celebration of the Lord’s resurrection likely influ­enced one of the most fundamental customs in the Mass. The first action of the clergy upon entry into the sanctuary is to ap­proach and kiss the altar. It would seem strange […]

Make room in the pew and help others figure out how to belong

Carpooling parents, I salute you. Your job is harder than it looks. Last week my friend Theresa asked me to pick up her daughter, Sydney, from kindergarten. “It’s kind of confusing though,” Theresa began. Confusing? How con­fusing could it be to retrieve a child from school? I half listened to her instructions while I clicked […]

The greatest pain relief is selflessness

Unless we’ve given up television for Lent — or for life — we’ve all seen the opioid ads and have heard the plaintive cries, “Give me my Aleve.” There are two certain things about pain: 1) We don’t like it; 2) We want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, preferably by popping […]

Walking through the desert with Jesus this Lent

I have plenty of vices to give up for Lent. I love chocolate. White wine is my beverage of choice. I’m pretty much addicted to my smart phone. So, when Lent comes, I have options for self-denial. But I’m not choosing any of them. I’m approaching Lent this year as it is revealed to me […]

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