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The liturgical inspiration

Catholics are often asked why we commemorate saints at Mass. Some see it as a distraction from focus on the Lord that risks elevating commemoration to outright worship. The Mass is the action of Christ Himself. It’s visible in whose “memory” believers gather, but commemoration of the saints can help those who worship tap into […]

Providential cycles

It is sometimes scary how providential the preselected biblical readings are for Mass. One aim of the 20th century liturgical reform was to open more lavishly the treasures of the Bible over a set cycle of years to remind believers of God’s guidance in history and today. A two-year cycle of weekday first readings is […]

The style divergence

The recent ordination of two priests gave us the opportunity to reflect upon the kinds of vestments used in the liturgy. Like any worn article, it should be noted that liturgical vestments come in all shapes, sizes and styles. This is true for the chasuble, the outer-most vestment worn by priests. Coming from the Latin […]

The light continues

Although the 50-day Easter season officially concludes with Pentecost, the legacy of the resurrection and the descent of the Holy Spirit manifests itself throughout the rest of the year in Catholic worship. Indeed, Easter and Pentecost may be called the foundation of all Catholic Liturgy. Though often dismissed as mere decoration to be overlooked, the […]

The grass is always greener at the Joneses

After months of searching, Jim and I were ecstatic to find a house to rent. Living in a one-bedroom apartment as newlyweds was romantic, but my shoe collection and his two drum sets were struggling to coexist peacefully in the single closet. I was excited about new appliances and the original oak floors that match […]

From barley to wheat through fire

The culmination of the Season of Easter is Pentecost. For many of the first Jewish Christians, Pentecost was the fulfillment of some of their most ancient and important celebrations. In Leviticus 23, God gave the Israelites a set of holy days to observe. Their most important was the Feast of Firstfruits during which they sacrificed […]

The transfer of feast days

As each Easter Sunday arrives, commemoration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven looms. In both the Nicene and Apostle’s Creed, the Ascension of Jesus is mentioned in close proximity to profession in the Lord’s resurrection. Traditionally it is believed that Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after the resurrection. St. Luke’s Gospel says that […]

Spanish Mass evokes memories of a vocation journey

By Sister Pamela Smith, SSCM Special to The Miscellany For several consecutive Sundays, I’ve attended the Spanish Mass in our parish. I’ve also attended Mass in English with the five other sisters who are part of our local community, but I have some personal reasons for wanting, periodically, to sing from Flor y Canto and […]

‘Owl’ get straight to the point

During Lent, my husband and I met Sarah at “Soup and Stations of the Cross”. Sarah is 8 years old and in third grade but carried herself like she was about 30 and this soup supper was her evening to network. Sitting down at our table, she began by asking us where we work and […]

Corpus Christi: Instituting the feast

Editor: It is always exhilarating to read about solemn celebrations of the important Feast of Corpus Christi – now liturgically identified as the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. Celebrations, such as the one at Corpus Christi Parish in Lexington with Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone, pays the mystery of the Eucharist great honor. […]

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