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Why we should not shop at thrift stores

Dear Editor: I really enjoyed the article “Doing without creates compassion for the poor” [The Miscellany, Aug. 16] and have increasingly been trying to encourage the life of solidarity for my two teenage daughters. There was, however, one suggestion that I strongly disagree with, “Shop secondhand,” which actually was a conversation I had with my […]

Remembering Sister Mary Ann Dardy

Dear Editor: I just got around to picking up and began reading the January 4, 2018, “Catholic Miscellany.” For some reason, I read it out of order.  Anyway, I was sad to see the name of Dominican Sister Mary Ann Dardy [in the In Memoriam section]. I had the privilege of knowing Mary Ann Dardy as a […]

Details about the awaited miracle

Fatima – Sept. 13, 1917: The ridicule of the secular press increased the noonday crowd by a few thousand more than in August. The preliminary signs were increased. There was a sudden cooling of the air, dimming of the sun until stars were visible, rain resem­bling iridescent petals or snowflakes fell without reaching the ground. […]

Racism IS a sin

In the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virgin­ia, our bishop issued a statement which declares: “Racism is a sin and the idea that one race is supe­rior to another is sinful.” The statement is born of core American principles and Catholic teaching. When Thomas Jefferson penned “All men are created equal,” there were […]

Marriage for deacons

Q: Why can’t a permanent deacon remarry if his wife dies, espe­cially if the deacon is required to retire at a certain age? (Parrish, Fla.) A: This question requires some biblical and historical back­ground. First, we look to the Bible. In his pastoral letters, Saint Paul teaches: “Deacons must not have been married more than […]

Making America great

We have been hearing a great deal about making America first, making America great again. On a recent afternoon on Main Street in our state capital, I realized that it already is — in some ways. I was amid three days of meetings, with an afternoon interlude, so I parked free at St. Peter’s, strolled […]

“The Eucharist: The Source of Mercy”

Dear Editor: We are still experiencing a divine high from our first Parish Eucharistic Congress, “The Eucharist: The Source of Mercy”, held March 3-5 at Immaculate Conception Church in Goose Creek, and would like to share some more information with your readers: Our speakers were Father James “Jim” Worth, pastor of  St. Joseph Church in Maplewood, […]

The Liturgical Veneration of Hebrew Saints

Editor: In his March 8 “Questions and Answers” column in The Catholic Miscellany, Father Jeffrey Kirby answered the question “Why are there no saints from the Old Testament? Doesn’t even Moses qualify?” I have been interested in that very subject because of my many pilgrimages to the Holy Land. The fact is that Moses is […]

Saints in the Old Testament?

Q: Why are there no saints from the Old Testament? Doesn’t even Moses qualify? (Hilton Head, SC) A: This is a question that provides a much-needed clarification. We know that before the saving work of Jesus Christ, no one could enter Heaven. The gates of paradise were closed due to man’s sin and his incapacity […]

Handling cremation

Q: I wish to be cremated. How is this handled? Since I won’t have a casket to be blessed, do you bring the urn with the ashes to Mass? (Summerville, SC) A: The Mass of Christian Burial, the “Funeral Mass,” is a very important part of the Church’s intercession for the deceased person. The Mass […]

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