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Let us truly give thanks

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Thanksgiving is a time when families, large or small, will gather around a table to share a meal, maybe watch some sports, and spend time together. But beyond the gifts they are about to receive, this particular holiday provides an important opportunity to contemplate what being thankful really means. […]

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Month of Mary Daily Devotion: May 2

This is part of a series of daily devotions for May, the month of Mary. God calls creatures into being when He creates them. God came to this most perfect Creature, the Immaculate One, who since the beginning of Her conception was filled with grace and the highest degree of excellence and perfection. When she […]

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Month of Mary Daily Devotion: May 1

This is part of a series of daily devotionals for May, the month of Mary. Elizabeth said to Mary: “And how does this happen to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Lk 1:43) Mary was acclaimed the true Mother of God, even before the birth of Jesus Christ. “In fact […]

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VIDEO: Understanding Holy Week

This educational video provides an overview of the major events that occurred during the week of Jesus’ Passion, as we prepare for His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Holding to our Catholic way through this contentious time

As we approach the conclusion of the 2016 Presidential election season, we must not become disillusioned or desensitized because we are disappointed by the choices set before us. This year, many good-intentioned people feel lost in a sea of lies, deceit, corruption and character flaws cre­ated in the swell of sensationalism and political strategy. Some […]

St. Teresa Benedicta: A life of the mind

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of remark­able women whose works have contributed to or had influence on Church doctrine and theology.   In a time when people are lost and in search of something to believe in, the life and words of a German-born Carmelite nun who became a martyr during […]

Respect life: Natural conception to natural death is dignity for all

October marks the annual observance of Respect Life Month. Catholics are taught that all human life is sacred because life is given by God from the miraculous moment of conception to the natural ending of death and it is the Lord alone who has sovereignty over life. The Church also teaches that humans are thus required […]

The diaconate, women, and the sacrament of holy orders

Editor’s note: Daniel Lloyd, a professor of religion, contributed the following column on the diaconate. Deacons will continue to be an important topic in the Diocese of Charleston for at least two specific reasons. The first is that the diocese is ordaining permanent deacons every few years and new ordination classes are forming. Deacons, therefore, […]

Deacons are empowered to serve God’s people

Editor’s note: Daniel Lloyd, a professor of religion, contributed the following column on the diaconate. Some misunderstandings about deacons arise from the fact that there are transitional deacons and permanent deacons. A candidate for the priesthood, a seminarian, is ordained to the diaconate for about a year prior to receiving priestly ordination.  It is called […]

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament offers quiet respite

Patti Brassington, a member of Blessed Sac­rament Church in Charleston, makes sure there is al­ways someone scheduled to spend time with Christ in the church’s perpet­ual adoration chapel, which has been open for 33 years. She even car­ries her sched­uling materials with her on trips in case someone needs to call her, because she be­lieves […]

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