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Sister Pamela Smith

Pro-life concerns hit home

Those of us who are of a certain vintage may recall that much of what drove U.S. participation in the Vietnam War was the very persuasive domino theory. The theory was that, like a line of upright dominos, the fall of one Southeast Asian nation to Communist control would accelerate the fall of others, even […]

Answering a basic moral question

Whether or not a person is a believer in anything beyond the visible world, it seems that there is at least one basic ques­tion that human beings must ask about right and wrong: Should we do everything we can do? We can do many fine and many villainous things. On the positive side, we can […]

When a bishop coexisted with slavery

Perhaps Bishop John England used a strategy which many of us in the pro-life movement must employ. When it seems impos­sible to eradicate a wrong totally, one takes steps to mitigate its effects. If we can’t get a human life amendment, we demonstrate and promote smaller legislative actions. The idea is to do something, even […]

What is consecrated life?

Every Feb. 2 since 1997, the Church has marked World Day of Consecrated Life. This year’s observances were held the weekend of Feb. 3-4. Two questions arise when this day is mentioned. First, what and who might be celebrated on Consecrated Life Day? Second, why Feb. 2? In our diocese, we have quite a collection […]

10 life-giving things to do

On New Year’s Eve, our lo­cal newspaper ran a feature entitled “50 Things to Do in South Carolina before You Die.” Not surprisingly, it listed attending Spo­leto, going to the sweet tea festival in Summerville, floating down the Congaree, and taking in NASCAR races in Darlington. The underly­ing premise was that adventure and novelty make […]

Sometimes ordinary angels show up

The man who pushes a mop and carries boxes at the Circle K in Jacksonboro is probably not an angel. I have seen him numerous times, and the evidence is that he is flesh and blood. People often are speaking to him and laughing when I see him. Despite the evidence, he reminds me of […]

Mary matters so very much

I was in seventh grade when I noticed an acceleration in Sister Eymard’s cautions to us about the importance of being Mary-like. I just knew that she had gotten wind of the recent addition of spin-the-bottle to our offsite birthday celebrations. Maybe she had even used her X-ray vision to see through the folds of […]

’Tis the season for yearning

“Blade Runner 2049” does not seem, as of this writing, to be a blockbuster suc­cess. The film is a sequel to “Blade Runner,” the screenplay of the late 1960’s sci-fi book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” Blade Runner isn’t exactly holiday fare. It deals with artificially engineered beings passing for human and outlawed on […]

We celebrate – and then some

Around the corner from our Bluffton convent is a house which never decorates. The lawn is trim, the trees are pruned, and the shrubs are neatly cared for. But the porch displays no hanging plants flush with color, and when holidays and holy days arrive, no wreaths or decorations appear. The owner is a youth […]

Jesus is for real

How on earth do we meet Jesus? That may seem like an odd question, but it is a critical one. When Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis talk about our call to be missionary disciples and emis­saries of the New Evangelization, they talk about one critical event: our need for a personal encounter with Jesus. […]

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