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Father Jeffrey Kirby

Explaining LGBTQ teaching

Q: How are we supposed to ex­plain to children that the notions and behaviors of the LGBTQ community are not natural and moral? (Elgin, SC) A: This is a pressing and impor­tant question. It’s one that is getting blurred, and in the whirlwind otherwise good Chris­tian people are forgetting the de­posit of faith that we […]

Exposition of the Eucharist

Q: If we believe that the True Presence of Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle all the time, why do we have Solemn Exposition? Isn’t Jesus in the tabernacle enough? (Laurens, SC) A: As you indicate, as Catholics, we know that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. He attested to this […]

Marriage for deacons

Q: Why can’t a permanent deacon remarry if his wife dies, espe­cially if the deacon is required to retire at a certain age? (Parrish, Fla.) A: This question requires some biblical and historical back­ground. First, we look to the Bible. In his pastoral letters, Saint Paul teaches: “Deacons must not have been married more than […]

Can one take Communion in non-Catholic churches?

Q. Periodically, I attend non-Catholic funerals during which every Christian is invited to receive Communion. Is it appropriate for Catholics to receive Communion in such instances? (Aiken, SC) A. This situation happens periodically in a pluralistic society where we are in the mix with other Christian communities and sometimes participate in their worship services, especially […]

Bible studies of other faiths

Q: Recently some Catholic friends challenged me for attending a non-Catholic Bible study. I’ve been going to the study for a couple of years. The people in the study have always been respectful and I’ve learned a lot in the study. Is it wrong for me to attend a non-Catholic Bible study? (Charlotte, NC) A: […]

What does INRI stand for?

Q: In the Bible, Jesus talks about a sin that is unforgivable. This makes me very nervous. What is this sin that is unforgivable? (Columbia, SC) A: In his public teachings, Jesus speaks about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit as being an unforgivable sin (Lk 12:10). This has been generally interpreted to mean a rejection […]

Why was Jesus celibate?

Q: Why was Jesus celibate? Being Jewish, wouldn’t he have followed their customs and married and fathered a family?  (Aiken, SC) A: Your question is cultural accurate. In the Jewish tradition of the Old Testament, celibacy was considered a curse. For example: Of the prophets, only Jeremiah was celibate and he was called to this […]

Was the Holy Family poor?

Q: If Catholics and Protestants have a different number of books in the Old Testament, do we have the same number in the New Testament?  (Charlotte, NC) A: Thanks be to God, all mainstream Christians agree that there are 27 books in the New Testament.   Q: Were Joseph and Mary really poor, as they’re […]

Jews and the Old Testament

Q: Do Jewish people call the first part of the Bible the Old Testament?  (Charlotte, NC) A: I’m very grateful to receive this question. Oftentimes, unintentionally, Christians can offend their Jewish neighbors by saying that they “only believe in the Old Testament.” While this might be a good summary of the Christian viewpoint, it can […]

Was Mary ever-virgin?

Q: Why is the Catholic Church competing with other religions in turning the Mass into a Broadway musical performance where everything is sung? (Columbia, SC) A: Well, truth be told: if we were shooting for a Broadway musical, I think we’d be missing the mark most days! Have you heard Catholics trying to sing? But […]

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