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Father Jeffrey Kirby

Is it OK to do yoga?

Q: In a previous column, you wrote that homosexuality is “an act of rebellion against nature and its Creator”, one of only a few sins that “cries to heaven for vengeance.” Then how great a vengeance it must be for priest pedophiles or the bishops and cardinals who facilitate, excuse, or conceal this abuse. (Abbeville, […]

Why St. Jude is the patron of ‘hopeless’ causes

Q: Why do we use the term “hope­less” in terms of St. Jude? Suf­fering is hard enough without adding the negativity of hopeless­ness. (Aiken, SC) A: In designating St. Jude as the patron of hopeless causes (along with other saints, such as St. Rita of Cascia), the devotional life of the Church is acknowledging the […]

Praying for the souls of the dead

Q: As Catholics, we believe in the resurrection of the body, so why do we only pray for the “souls” of those who have died? (Aiken, SC) A: This is a great question that highlights our creedal state­ment that we “believe in the resurrection of the body and life ev­erlasting.” Let me explain: When we […]

Keeping ashes at home

Q: In a previous column, you said that Catholics can’t scatter the ashes of loved ones be­cause they have to be preserved and shown respect. Is it possible to keep the ashes at home? I have the ashes of a loved one and it helps me to know that they’re close to me. (Greenville, SC) […]

Is giving to my parish enough?

Q: In my parish, we oftentimes have two collections. I give as I’m able, but I also receive nu­merous solicitations from religious groups. Why do they send these things? Isn’t giving to my parish enough? Doesn’t my parish support these efforts? (Myrtle Beach, SC) A: Your question indicates the importance of taking our fi­nancial stewardship […]

Should I be a bridesmaid?

Q: My sister has had a difficult life, especially in the area of love, and she recently asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. But this is her second wedding. She was previously married in the Catholic Church and then divorced. She never received an annulment and does not practice the Catholic faith […]

Forgiveness for remarriage?

Q: Why is it that the Church will forgive someone who has had an abortion but will not for­give someone who is divorced and remarried? I think abortion is a horrific act. How can people who have had an abortion receive holy Communion but not those in happy second marriages? (Rock Hill, SC) A: There […]

Prayer before doxology?

Q: At the end of the Protestant Lord’s Prayer, there’s a doxolo­gy. The Catholic tradition has a different prayer before the doxology. What’s the history to this prayer? (Hilton Head, SC) A: The Lord’s Prayer is properly titled since it was given to hu­manity by the Lord Jesus when the Apostles asked him to teach […]

Why can’t we scatter ashes?

Q: Why is it that we can’t scatter the ashes of our loved ones but we can cut up and distribute body parts of saints? (Aiken, SC) A: It’s true, at first glance, the two practices could seem complementary/similar. So your question arises, why is one permitted while the other is prohibited. First, it’s worth […]

Were the Apostles married?

Q: Were any of the Apostles mar­ried? If so, what happened to their families? (Hilton Head, SC) A: This is a great question that involves a lot of history and spiri­tual speculation. In going through some of these sources, we should be careful not to jump to false ap­plications to the life of the Church […]

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