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Father Jeffrey Kirby

Immigration discernment

Q. I’m very confused over the immigration debate. It seems that some church leaders are upset with our national policies but I don’t understand why. Could you explain this?  (Hilton Head, SC) A. The questions surrounding immigration are heartfelt since they deal with real people and real families. With this as our starting point, I’d like […]

Last rites vs. anointing of sick

Q: Growing up, I always heard of people receiving the “last rites.” How is that different or simi­lar to the anointing of the sick in churches today? (Charlotte, NC) A: The Lord Jesus instituted seven sacraments. The sacrament that extends the Lord’s healing power is properly called the anoint­ing of the sick. This sacrament is […]

Is a DNR order euthanasia?

Q: In our devotional life for the dead, we pray “eternal rest grant unto them” but we be­lieve in the resurrection of the body and soul. No one gets “eternal rest” do they? Won’t we all be awake and alert eventually? (Aiken, SC) A: The act of praying for the dead is one of the […]

Can we work on Sundays?

Q: I’ve been trying to avoid any monetarily motivated work on Sunday. Is this a good course of action? What about reading non-reli­gious literature? (Summerville, SC) A: The observance of Sunday is a serious responsibility of the Christian believer. The day of rest is given to us by God as a time for worship, blessing, […]

Abstaining from meat on Fridays

Q: Years ago, my oldest daughter was asked, “How many sacraments are there?” and she answered, “Seven for men and six for women.” Shouldn’t that be the official answer? Perhaps Pope Francis will balance the scales? (Beaufort, SC) A: Of course, we know that there are seven sacraments in the Church. While Holy Orders is […]

Proof of the afterlife

Q: How do I respond to someone who invited me to join a study group on the biblical evidence for “God the Mother”? Doesn’t Jesus refer to God as “Father”? (Columbia, SC) A: I would strongly recommend that you decline such an in­vitation since such views are contrary to biblical faith and the constant interpretation […]

Using the term ‘Father’

Q: A while ago, we heard the Gospel at Mass tell us to “call no one your father.” With this teaching, why do we call our priests “Father”? (Bluffton, SC) A: Thank you for your question. Let’s start with the obvious: The man who helped give each of us life is called our father. St. […]

Human narratives in the Bible

Q: I’ve been trying to read the Bible. I started in Genesis but came across the story of the nephilim (Gen 6:1-4), which appar­ently are the offspring of angels and human women? What is this all about? Is this something we believe? (Lexington, SC) A: I’m very grateful for your question, especially because it started […]

When can you cease artificial nutrition?

Q: A while ago, I had an elderly family member in the hospital. She was dying and I was encouraged to stop the artificial nutrition and hydration. I agreed with the doctors. We stopped everything and she died soon afterwards. I saw a recent article that said this was euthanasia. How can this be euthanasia if […]

What is the teaching on limbo?

Q: Does the Catholic Church have a stance on the academic community replacing A.D. with C.E.? It feels like the academic world is trying to take God out of our lives. (Clover, SC) A: The Church has no position on the use of C.E. (Common Era) instead of A.D. (Anno Domini, or Year of Our […]

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