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Father Bryan P. Babick

Wrath and joy

There are many Biblical verses that describe the wrath of God. In the Book of Exodus it is re­corded that should an Israelite fail to respect the rights and property even of a non-Israeli, the wrath of God will flare up and His sword will kill the wrongdoer. As flawed people, experience shows that God […]

Solidarity in faith

Each time we gather to celebrate the Lord’s Sacrifice in the Mass, there are four times that the celebrant greets the assembly. The greeting at the outset of the Mass may take the form of three dis­tinct salutations. Each of these are inspired by greetings used by St. Paul, who often used a distinct form […]

The Church as a field hospital

Throughout the course of her 2,000 year history, the Church has been called many things. St. Paul tells us that the Church is the bride of Christ and the assembly of the saints. In a recent reflection Pope Francis called the Church a field hospital for the wounded. The Scriptures are replete with occasions in […]

Engage in the Liturgy

The Church’s worship is the daily action by which the work of Christ is most visibly perpetuated. At each celebration, the Lord’s words and deeds are made present anew. Often times this can be lost in the midst of everything else that goes on inside our churches. Too often the critique is made that Mass […]

Sharing the peace of Christ

One of the most recognizable and anticipated portions of the Mass is called the Rite of Peace. After the invitation of the priest or deacon, those present share among themselves a sign of communion and mutual charity before receiving Communion. This portion of the Mass has taken different forms over the centuries, but its significance […]

A hopeful destiny

Each time the Christian community gathers around the altar to offer the sacrifice of Christ, all participants celebrate an anticipated destiny of hope. Each word of liturgical prayer is ultimately meant to give the believer the inspiration he or she needs to move forward in discipleship with renewed optimism, despite the struggles of this valley […]

The real meaning of ‘wife’

Every spring as Christians prepare to celebrate the resurrection, popular culture is eager to present believers with alternate narratives of the life of the Lord, as if the weekly unfolding of His life in the Liturgy is somehow unreliable. All year the Church’s worship is filled with the witness of many hands who were inspired […]

The tolerance of the passion

The Sunday Lenten Masses always seem to remind us that, despite the darkness of fasting and other acts of self-denial so characteristic of the season, there is always hope! The midpoint of Lent gave us a glimpse of light when dark violet colored vestments gave way to rose while we remembered how Jesus restored light […]

The fork in the road

The Scriptures seem clear in describing human life as a choice between two directions. On the sixth Sunday of the Liturgical year, beautiful selections from both the Book of Sirach, the first Letter to the Corinthians, and the Gospel of Matthew will bear this out. Jesus assures us that He has come to fulfill the […]

The presentation of Jesus

This year, the Church’s liturgical calendar provides a rare treat; the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord will be celebrated on a Sunday. This observance is fixed to Feb. 2 and it continues the Christmas revelation of Jesus as the fulfilled light of the world. The fact that Joseph and Mary brought the infant […]

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