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God has an app for that

When you consider what is truly indispensable, you might compare what addresses the critical issues in your life most effectively. These days, the craze seems to be the high-tech rush to hold everything you might ever need in the palm of your hand. The answer at your fingertips is “I have an app for that.”

Find a little God-and-me time

All close, meaningful relationships need special or quality times when the people involved can be together for an extended period without a lot of interruptions. People in significant relationships need to enjoy each other’s company and to deepen their knowledge of one another apart from everyday life.

The virtue of hospitality

Each of the Holy Cross congregations, founded by Father Basil Moreau, is known for its expression of hospitality. People often comment on how welcoming the religious of this community are, and that they feel at home with them.

Unconditional love is why you belong in God’s kingdom

Groucho Marx said it best, “I would never belong to a club that would have a person like me as a member.” I used to think I was alone in feeling out of place. From what I observed, everyone in the crowded room had a strong purpose for their presence and appeared to feel that […]

Showing our respect, ma’am

Those of us old enough to remember Rodney Dangerfield will recall one of his classic statements: “I don’t get no respect.” Like Rodney, I feel that the virtue of respect is a fading one, especially in the United States. How often do people no sooner meet someone, no matter what age or state of life, […]

How to be holy, happy, healthy Christians

Many years ago the Sisters of Mercy used the question “Do you have a call waiting?” as a theme for a marketing campaign to recruit members for their religious congregation. The fact of the matter is that each of us has a call waiting that only we can answer. One of the major tasks of […]

The trouble with holiness: It’s not just for saints

As a child, I was often either late arriving for dinner or missing in action. In most instances I was playing with friends outside of shouting distance from the house. Completely absorbed in whatever we were doing, I would lose track of time. Darkness or some other reminder would prompt the end of playtime and […]

Motherhood is a vocation

May is traditionally dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Besides honoring her in May, we also single out and thank our own mothers for Mother’s Day. It is a good time to reflect on the meaning of this pivotal role. First of all, the biological conceiving and birthing of a child doesn’t automatically make […]

Stop hiding the joy of loving Jesus

When I did campus ministry at two colleges of another religious denomination, I always admired the fact that the students, faculty and staff openly expressed their faith and were not embarrassed to talk about their relationships with Christ. Unfortunately, the majority of Catholics do not feel so free when it comes to evangelization. Many of […]

God gives us the right grace at the right time

The job interview results in yet another “thanks but no thanks” letter. Results from the second graduate school entrance exam arrive, still short of the score needed to gain admission with scholarship assistance to the school of choice. An infant lies quietly in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit while mom and dad await their […]

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