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Making the most of our days

The Latin saying, carpe diem, has rolled around in my head recently, triggered by the untimely deaths of friends. It has made me more aware of how important it is to take advantage of today because once it is over it is gone for good. All we have is the present moment.

Lessons from a dirty alb

The other day I reached into the washing machine and pulled out my alb, the white robe that we priests wear underneath the vestments at Mass. I had let the thing go way too long without being washed, and it had gradually gotten pretty funky around the collar and bottom hem. Being a typical man, […]

Mary is our Advent role model

The role of Mary is central during the season of Advent. She is a role model for all Christians, but particularly for the young. Mary was very young when she received God’s call to be the mother of Jesus. So too does God invite each of us to discover God’s plan for our lives.

Bring God into your economic response

As the economy remains in recovery, it’s commonplace to see businesses close their doors or established organizations cease operations as they find it the best available option given their current circumstance. Many companies shrank expenses, stretched dollars and did everything they could to remain open and productive. As opportunities surface and commerce perks up, it […]

Whose business is it?

How easy it is to be absorbed in one’s self. We work so hard taking care of ourselves that we can be oblivious to the needs of others. We can fall into the trap of thinking that getting involved is none of our business. We rationalize that a person would ask for help if he […]

Say it like you mean it

Let me tell you about something that continues to concern me. It is about our often-weak response or failure to respond to the prayers of the Mass. This concern probably comes from my liturgy coordinator hat. I often wonder how many Catholics really know the significance of saying amen at the end of liturgical prayers […]

Make sure to cross reference before you act

Secular society occasionally gives the impression that we live in a Christian society. A first-time visitor to America during the Christmas season might think we take the celebration of our Christian faith a bit too far with all the decorations and lights. Conversely, some born and raised in the United States are concerned that society […]

Local Catholic-Muslim dialogue can make a difference

Nine years after the horror of the terrorist acts that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, we continue to seek healing and perspective. With it apparent that some recent terrorists have been recruited from among citizens and residents of our own country, anxiety about terrorism and its relationship to Islam has been heightened.

Jesus is present in us

One time I read an account of an interview with the priest who wrote the book “Heaven in Stone and Glass,” and was bothered by a couple of statements he made. When speaking about church architecture he said, “I think the gathered community is important—but not that important.” He also criticized a favorite liturgical hymn […]

Hello college doesn’t mean goodbye church

For some students, going away to college is often viewed as a chance to be liberated from their parents and the restrictions of family life. One such parental rule that is exercised in many Catholic homes is the one about Mass attendance. I can still hear my own father and mother saying to us when […]

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