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Giving a stamp of support

Who would ever think that the stamp on your birthday card could help the poor and underserved. Well, it can, and the retired sisters of Saint Mary’s College make it happen. Begun in the early 1970s by the late Holy Cross Sister M. Diomera McCue, the stamp program supports the order’s ministries with the poor, […]

Me, my, mine: Nurturing your relationship with God

Ownership: on one level it denotes a legal status and often includes documentation and rights associated with something owned, such as a car or home. On another level it’s the expression of something or someone always with you, sometimes physically and often in spirit. Because you so closely associate with it, you consider it your […]

We are not alone in our pain

It is not easy to block out the multiple cries of pain and suffering that permeate the world. It is almost deafening. All one has to do is turn on the radio, read the newspaper, watch television or go online. We are bombarded with news of pain and suffering, almost to the saturation point. I […]

“Can’t buy me love”

Larry King’s interview a few years ago with Ringo Star and Paul McCartney, the two surviving Beatles, brought back a lot of memories. As a child of the sixties I still enjoy the music that made that group famous. They produced one hit after another and their songs are still popular among people of all […]

Good news, bad news and how to choose

Which do you want first, the good new or the bad news?” the messenger asks. More often than not, people will choose to hear the bad news first rather than delay delivery of the more negative of the two items. We seem to want to know the worst first. This may be similar to the […]

Lent is a great time for a spiritual checkup

Many people get a yearly physical to see how healthy they are or how they can improve their health. Lent is a good time for a yearly spiritual checkup and to do those things that will deepen our relationship with God. Traditionally the church recommends three exercises during Lent to renew our spiritual life. These […]

Your image of God affects your life

If we take time to reflect on our image of God we can learn a lot about our spirituality. Throughout my years of ministry people have shared with me how they view God. There are those who think of God mostly as a judge or a policeman. For some God is a strict father that […]

Who has a vocation?

During January most dioceses in the United States celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week. This is a good time to think about vocations and who has one. Who do you think has a vocation? If you answered that everyone has a vocation, you get an A+.

Christmas celebrates more than a baby

About a month ago our choir started practicing a new hymn for Christmas titled, “From the Cradle to the Cross.” To me the words express the real meaning of the Feast of the Incarnation or Christmas, as we call it. So often during this season we focus on a sweet, helpless little baby and often […]

Moments without measure: God’s ways are not ours

Time is money. Few business expressions have more universal agreement when it comes to connecting two elements critical to every organization. Delayed response to customer concerns can cost a company money and relationships while the first to market with a valued product or service wins increased revenues.

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