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Details about the awaited miracle

Fatima – Sept. 13, 1917: The ridicule of the secular press increased the noonday crowd by a few thousand more than in August. The preliminary signs were increased. There was a sudden cooling of the air, dimming of the sun until stars were visible, rain resem­bling iridescent petals or snowflakes fell without reaching the ground. […]

Protecting children against accidental impurity

Middle school is a jungle. As annoying as adulthood can be, with its monthly bills and preoccupation with fiber intake, there’s no way I’d want to go back to seventh grade. In seventh grade, the orthodontist can make or break the next 18 months of your life. In seventh grade, it’s incredibly exciting to be […]

One saint’s Christmas letter

There are a number of saints who can be ranked among the world’s collection of geniuses. St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Teresa of Avila would definitely be among them. In our own time, Pope St. John Paul II no doubt also qualifies. As they often say of geniuses, they […]

Sacramental inclusion

One common question posed to the Catholic Church is why non-Catholics are asked not to receive Holy Communion. Someone once observed that not welcoming everyone to Communion was like inviting someone for dinner, but not feeding them. To understand why the Church asks some not to come forward for Holy Communion we need to look […]

Promises, promises: Some reflections during the Year of Consecrated Life

One of the prayers in the liturgy for Ordinary Time asks this: “Send us as witnesses of gospel joy into a world of fragile peace and broken promises.” We don’t have to study statistics to see that not only promises but also hearts get broken. All we have to do is go to family reunions […]

‘Laudato Si’: What’s the controversy?

Poor Pope Francis. An awful lot of what he says gets misconstrued. With ‘Laudato Si’, the environmental encyclical, his comments on global warming and air conditioning opened the floodgates. On the first topic, one online source charged him with being a Communist, implying that he advocates totalitarian regulation of fossil fuel use. On the second, […]

Help your children navigate the challenges to their faith

Dear Parents of 2015, I feel for you. I don’t think parenting has ever been easy — and I feel personally responsible for helping my own parents take several years off their time in purgatory — but in the past few months I’ve been especially sympathetic to the difficult topics the world has been throwing […]

Book Reviews

‘The Gift’ is a book worth giving, ‘The Vow’ comes with a surprise Reviewed By Zane Knauss Twenty years ago, writer Katherine Valentine hit on an idea to demonstrate her deep love of God and her commitment to Mary with an unselfish, life-long desire to offer the rosary to all who would accept it. The […]

Living with a grateful heart

Many years ago a missionary friend of mine told me about a beautiful tradition practiced by the people who live in Uganda, East Africa. From a very young age children are taught to live with grateful hearts. The word they use is “webali” which is an expression of gratitude for all God’s gifts no matter […]

Pride and profits

When a business operates at a high level of performance and profitability, mainstream and business media are quick to deify the CEO or chairman, study her or him closely and report their findings. Audiences are apt to pattern themselves and their decisions after these executives and owners to replicate their success.What’s missing in most of […]

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