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Alison Blanchet

Miracles are good reminders of our faith

St. Francis by the Sea Church hosted the Vatican International Display on Eucharistic Miracles of the World recently. Eucharistic miracles always remind me of the day I almost died. It’s a tale that went on the list of “stories I won’t tell my mother until she can see that I’m alive and in one piece.” […]

Instant faith, instant coffee: Just imitations

Last Friday I was trudging from a 7:30 a.m. meeting to a 9:15 a.m. meeting, eyelids propped open by sheer willpower, brain in a fog that prevented me from remembering my name. The cup of coffee I had poured in my environmentally-friendly-travel-ceramic-mug had been drained and I needed reinforcement. I stumbled into my friendly local […]

Teenagers need and want the sacraments

Sometimes there’s a fine line between youth ministry and being a cruise director. We had a fall retreat lock-in at my church recently and I found myself making spreadsheets to coordinate meal deliveries, musicians, entertainment, clean-up and security.

More than its individual parts, the church is one body

I have one domestic skill — Tollhouse cookies. I don’t know why mine are different, but they’re kind of legendary. They’ve helped me obtain trucks and manpower when I moved, forgiveness from the maintenance staff when the youth group left pizza that molded over the weekend, and marriage proposals from friends and strangers of all […]

Consecrated, religious lives are models of Christ on earth

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist have been at my parish, St. Francis by the Sea, for a couple of years. We work with the same youth and sometimes team up on retreats and field trips. When I discovered the eighth-grade religion teacher, Sister Maria Rose, would be making her final vows […]

We can honor our bodies and our world

The scenes coming from the Gulf Coast have awakened my inner hippie. I’m no tree-hugger but I love the beach, and gazing at the vastness of the Atlantic ocean I thought about how, as stewards of God’s creation, we become indignant when nature is contaminated by trash, oil or other harmful substances.

We all still need our mothers

Last Saturday I walked through the door of my apartment and tripped over a collection of baby toys. Entering the kitchen I was amused to find my roommate Danielle, who is usually an iPhone-using, sushi-eating, kids-aren’t-really-my-thing hipster babbling away to a two-year-old I had never seen before.

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