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Alison Blanchet

In the midst of the storm, the rosary offers comfort

As we know from Steel Magnolias, “the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”.” What separates my accessories from the average gal’s is that I’m never without a rosary bracelet around my wrist. Much like converse sneakers and the record player, the rosary is making a comeback with the […]

Using authentic measurements to grow in holiness

Although I’m usually apathetic about sports, last month I found myself engrossed by competitions I didn’t even know existed when I turned on the Summer Olympics. Speed walking, table tennis and water polo are not usually on my radar, but watching the news with my morning coffee, I was engrossed as Elena Lashmanova and Olga […]

Social media presents challenges and opportunities

Some trivia with regards to social media. Who do you think said: “just as the Industrial Revolution in its day brought about a profound transformation in society … so today the radical changes taking place in communications are guiding significant cultural and social developments”? Was it, a) Steve Jobs, b) Bill Gates, c) Mark Zuckerberg […]

Who would be harmed versus who could be saved

Nothing can motivate us to do things we wouldn’t normally do like the opportunity to jazz up our Facebook profiles. As of May 1, in addition to pictures of funky hats and self-portraits in huge sunglasses, users may add “I decided to be an organ donor” to their timeline. While your Facebook wall is not […]

Column: Dressing for Mass with respect and reverence

“Alison, you need to write a column about how to dress for Mass.” This was my grandmother’s request a few weeks ago. It’s a good idea, as summer approaches and the thought of throwing a T-shirt over a swimsuit and stopping by Mass en route to the beach becomes more tempting. In fact, as the […]

Column: A supernatural battle requires its equal in weapons, prayer

It has definitely been a rough couple of weeks for Team Catholic. The HHS Mandate which Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone described in his Jan. 30 letter to Catholics as “a direct attack on our freedom and first amendment rights” has thrown the church and the pro-life movement into the middle of a lot of controversy. […]

The poor in Nicaraguan community are witnesses for Christ

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the Mustard Seed Community in Nicaragua. Mustard Seed Communities were founded in 1978 by Msgr. Gregory Ramkissoon in Jamaica to care for the very poor and vulnerable. In Nicaragua, they operate two homes for abandoned children with disabilities. I found this trip theoretically exciting: what’s not to […]

Supporting cancer research as a whole

Slouched opposite me in the youth room was a teen boy, baseball cap askew, arms crossed, nodding off slightly before our meeting began. There’s nothing unusual about that. What I found slightly unnerving about this scene was the message on his bracelet which boldly declared, “I HEART (insert inappropriate word for breasts here).” Maybe you’ve […]

Becoming an adult means Mass matters

Summer reminds me of family vacations, which remind me of learning how to pack my suitcase. I distinctly remember lining up all the essentials — stuffed animals, board games, enough craft supplies for an entire kindergarten class, a small community of Barbies and a tape deck with several cassettes and cramming them into my bags. All […]

Confession helps the bullied, too

“Hurt people say hurtful things”— One of the maxims being tossed around in response to the problem that is bullying. It’s not a new problem. Didn’t we all get teased in school for wearing turquoise leggings, a yellow top and a red polka-dotted head band? Oh, you didn’t? I’m going to have to talk to my […]

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